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Relaxation and Restorative

Receive a restorative massage with light to medium pressure to suit your wellness goals. Warm towels, targeted hot stones, and essential oils available to suit your needs.

I. $40 for 30 minutes

2. $80 for 60 minutes

3. $85 for 70 minutes

4. $100 for 90 minutes

5. $110 for 100 minutes

6. $135 for 120 minutes

Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage:

Experience focused, firm to deep pressure massage to relieve recurring and reoccurring myofascial and muscular tension, adhesions(knots), neuropathy, and trigger points. The pain scale 1-10 with check-ins are implemented during treatment. Incorporating sports massage technique, assisted stretching, myofascial release, and work with elbows and forearms helps break up stubborn and stuck soft tissue. Warm towels, targeted hot stones, and essential oils available to suit your needs.

I. $50 for 30 minutes

2. $90 for 60 minutes

3. $95 for 70 minutes

4. $120 for 90 minutes

5. $130 for 100 minutes

6. $150 for 120 minutes

Energy work:

Positioning for this session is  face-up on the massage table in a propped and relaxed way. 
Once comfortable, luxuriate in the warm glow and restorative feelings of balance that energy work provides. With gentle hand placement I address energetic centers, resting to balance and restore the energetic body. With sweeping movements and body scan techniques I encourage energetic movement and flow.

$60 for 60 minutes

Energy work + massage therapy:

By combining the two  modalities of energy work and massage therapy I support a sense of calm and alignment. This experience will nurture the idea and feelings of relieving energetic, emotional, and physical stress and tension. This treatment also encourages a  sense of groundedness and weightlessness. 

I. $90 for 70 minutes

2. $120 for 100 minutes

Hot Stone massage:

Receive a grounding and relaxing massage by combining massage therapy and heated stones. This session incorporates smoothed basalt and river rocks. With the help of a stone warmer the stones reach a working temperature from 130-145 degrees. The stones are then used with oil to work as an additional tool to help release tension and knots. They are placed stationary like a heat pack and also in massage techniques. Warm towels, and essential oils are available to suit your needs.

1. $90 for 70 minutes

2. $120 for 100 minutes

Prenatal Massage:

Indulge in a relaxing and restorative massage therapy experience while pregnant. Relieve tension and stress put on the body because of the many changes that occur during pregnancy. There are two main options for positioning; side-lying or using the pregnancy support system. Side-lying position includes three positions and they are; left side, right side, and inclined face-up. The special pregnancy support system allows the pregnant person the ability to be face-down comfortably because of tummy and breast spaces in the system. This positioning also includes inclined face-up. Contraindications are; a high-risk pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, deep vein thrombosis, placenta privia, accete, or abruption, or gestational diabetes. Please clear it with your Primary Care Provider before scheduling. No essential oils, acupressure, or shiatsu points used during treatment. 

1. $50 for 30 minutes

2. $85 for 60 minutes

3. $110 for 90 minutes 

Chair Massage:

With this modality, you are in a seated position, in a specially made chair with head and arm rests. I am able to access back, shoulders, and neck. This is a great option for lunch breaks, wellness days at the office, headaches, migraine flair ups, etc.

I. $20 for 15 minutes

2. $40 for 30 minutes

Guided Meditation:

Include a simple guided-by my voice body-scan meditation to re-orient to your day. Schedule as a stand-alone service, before, or after your session. Training is is Instinctive Meditation by Lorin Roche PhD and Camille Maurine author of Meditation Secrets for Women.

1. $20 for 15 minutes

2. $40 for 30 minutes

Drum Sound Healing:

Enjoy time reveling in the immersive sound of the Boudrán drum as I play through rhythms and sounds as a stand-alone service, before or after your session. The sensing and feeling that come through during these sessions is yours to enjoy and journey with.

1. $20 for 15 minutes

2. $40 for 30 minutes


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Every massage therapy session incorporates nourishing body oil that I have developed over years of working with and caring for skin.

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